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This past Saturday at Death By Audio, a diverse bill of touring and local bands played to a house packed with all stripes of the punk rock rainbow represented. There were a lot of ladies in attendance, mirroring the bands, all of which were female–dominated. Unfortunately, we missed locals Nuclear Spring, but suffice to say that if you have ever put Crimpshrine on a mixtape or own the Blatz/Filth split, you should make it a priority to see them. Boston’s Exit Order tore through a set of clench-fisted hardcore punk led by the assertive presence of singer Anna. Priests have played their fair share of NYC shows of late, but they were off their game on this night. Equipment problems and long pauses stalled any momentum the Washington, D.C. band was able to muster, although they did manage to close with a decent version of their most bracing track, Radiation.
For their first show in the U.S., London’s Good Throb justified their small-scale hype with a tense and fun set of poke-in-the-eye punk featuring songs from their brand-new EP, Fuck Off. Singer KY Ellie has a classic British snarl that cuts through the band’s spikey post-punk. The jagged Acid House recalls Erase Errata; while the minute-long screed of Double White Denim is Wire stripped of all archness and going direct for the throat. Good Throb are an exciting band, partly because of their lack of pretense.
Local quartet La Misma closed out the night, and none of their recorded material prepared me for their stomping pogo-punk. I can’t say I can understand the singer’s Portuguese lyrics, but her high-pitched yammering paired with an occasional guttural utterance gives the band a unique focal point. She bounced around the stage while the band raged behind her like Nog Watt’s long-lost sisters. La Misma are an appealing blend of obscure influences and just good ol’ fashioned ripping punk rock.
Good Throb and Priests are on tour up and down the East Coast through April 18.
Photos by Keith Marlowe; words by Erick Bradshaw H