Gonjasufi, a dude who looks like a yogi and sounds like Dr. Dre, has just put out a free EP called The Ninth Inning on Warp. The four-track EP is a weird one for sure, with fuzz-filtered verses set to some very unconventional production. The second track, “Demonchild,” is what Trent Reznor would listen to if he were into hip-hop. Rarely is rap music “haunting,” but the industrial beat and the chorus of echos on the track warrant that description. It’s startling, because the first track, “9th Inning,” is straight-laced by comparison. “Eatfish” offers up verses by Blu, and when Gonjasufi sings the dub-inflected chorus of “be rich, eat fish and die,” he sounds like he’s singing through an alto sax. “The Lows” is a borderline full-on dub track with its shimmering electric organ and thick-cut bass. Overall it’s a strange, short and very interesting kind of record, one that also comes with a new video, which you can check out below.

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