Glasslands getting hectic. Photo via the venue's website

At the beginning of the month, beloved Williamsburg venue Glasslands Gallery was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of valuable equipment. Trying its best to recover silently, the venue’s founders largely kept the robbery from the public. Unfortunately, the recovery process has not been as successful as they had hoped and the Glasslands team is now reaching out to the community for assistance by way of PayPal donations.
This is not the first time a D.I.Y. space has been robbed. Silent Barn was robbed only weeks prior resulting in the door being taken off the hinges and losing more than $15,000 worth of equipment. Silent Barn took to its Facebook page for support; in a similar fashion Glasslands wrote an open letter on its website:
The GlassLands Gallery was founded in 2006 by Rolyn Hu and Brooke Baxter as a true labor of love. Opening it’s doors with very little start up and donated or recycled materials Glasslands quickly grew into a vital part of the Williamsburg community. Hosting live music, dance parties, special events, lectures, ongoing interactive art projects and even a free after school program that taught kids from local public schools dj’ing, screen printing and music lessons with the help of volunteers. A multi-functional art space, the converted warehouse became a fast home to a number of artists, musicians and any other type of friend or stranger who had a mind to contribute to it’s ever evolving vision.
On Tuesday Aug 2nd at 2am GlassLands and practice spaces were robbed. Thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment was stolen and damaged, including but not limited to monitors, turntables, mixer, lighting equipment, etc. It breaks our hearts that after 5 years of being in the same space something like this would happen in our community. Under normal circumstances, we would be able to bounce back. Currently with the help of great friends that temporally donated equipment we are able to still keep our doors open. However as most of you know this comes on the heels of a massive renovation which included a full stage rebuild and finally central AC for our hot summer nights. If you would like to help or know someone who does, please consider donating to our PayPal. We are just looking to get back on our feet!
We would like to thank all the amazing volunteers, interns, bands and friends who have dedicated their hearts and time to GlassLands over the last 5 years. You know who you are! We have fought long and hard to keep our doors open and we are not going to let some lame/triflin fools slow us down.
-thanks so much
Everyone at the Glasslands and PopGun Booking

So far no shows have been cancelled; Saint Motel, Follower, Sea Monsters and Freshkills play at Glasslands tonight.
Donate to Glasslands via PayPal here.