Girls - Photo by Annie Lesser

Girls entered to thunderous applause and a stage covered in bouquets of flowers, which the band would hand out to audience members after the set was over. Lead singer Christopher Owens sported a jean skirt and long denim jacket. Although the first few songs had the audience cheering, Girls really thrilled when it played “Love Like A River.” There was a collective sigh as many couples held each other closely, swaying to the slow guitar riffs. The band then went into “Honey Bunny,” which prompted people to stop swaying and start jumping, arms flailing in the air.
When Girls played its hit “Lust For Life,” there was a universal jinx as multiple people shouted “Oh my god!” shaking their booties and hugging friends. To mellow out the now insanely rowdy crowd, the band played 15 minutes of slower songs filled with guitar solos and Owens biting his tongue, a lot.
At the start of the encore Owens came on stage alone to tune his guitar. Someone shouted “Fuck tuning!” and the frontman smiled coyly. About halfway through Owens playing “Jamie Marie” on his own, the rest of the band entered. As the song came to a close, a guy in the audience sighed, saying “If I could have sex with music, I would have sex with this music.”
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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