John Doyle - Photo by Alex Eriksen

The line outside of the Brooklyn Masonic Temple to see Girl Walk//All Day, the epic movie/music video set to Girl Talk‘s All Day, was stretched all the way around the corner by 9 p.m. Fortunately, the spacious auditorium accommodated everyone. On stage was Mister Saturday Night, spinning some select dance standards as well as some of the original songs used in Girl Talk’s mash-ups. Tie-dyed colors splayed across the big screen courtesy of Joshua Light Show. You could get your picture taken with crazy props, bat the balloons floating above the crowd and buy yourself a replica of one of the iconic windbreakers worn by the movie’s rebellious ballerina, Anne Marsen.
Director Jacob Krupnick took the stage for a few minutes before showtime. “This is the most surreal moment of my life,” he told the crowd. “It feels like every friend I’ve ever had is in this room.” Krupnick made the movie for Wild Combination, a creative production company, with the help of a Kickstarter fund for the film. Before the movie, Krupnick showed a short film he had done for a fashion company. The short, Moves, features a four-way split on the screen with amateur dancers shaking their groove thangs. Following that was a live performance by John Doyle, who plays “The Creep” in Girl Walk//All Day. His performance was called “Wings” and was more ballet than pop-n-lock. Doyle pulled strips from his arms and legs to reveal neon tassels like Macho Man Randy Savage used to have on his jackets. He spun around to Daft Punk’s “Voyager,” sending the tassels flying.
Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler said a few words once Doyle pirouetted off stage. “This is the part where we tell you to turn your cell phones off and not talk during the movie,” said Strickler, “but no, were not going to do that. We want you all to dance.” From the dance floor to the mezzanine, people were moving. I’ve never seen so many guys doing the “Single Ladies” dance. We won’t give away any spoilers, but suffice it to say the rest of the movie is as awesome as what’s come out so far. There is an upcoming screening at the Gutter in Williamsburg on December 15, but space is limited to only 100 people. Check out the Girl Walk//All Day website for details.
Photos by Alex Eriksen.
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