Last year, Travis Alexander left Therefore I Am, a popular Boston-based hardcore band, and formed the punk/emo outfit Ghost Thrower. That band has now been signed to Equal Vision and plans to release its debut EP, Get Miserable, April 19. The EP will contain two completely new songs as well as three that have already been released but will be rigorously remixed and remastered.

Where Therefore I Am described itself as happy hardcore, Ghost Thrower sounds like it won’t be using those words anytime soon, as the EP’s title suggests. Alexander says in a press release that the band came together as an escape for the troubles in his life. These sadly include a family member passing away, his beloved former band breaking up, joblessness and homelessness. The outcome is a more intense and emotional version of Alexander’s past projects.

No tour dates have been planned yet for the EP. Also, no word on when the full release will be available. Tracklist for the upcoming EP can be found below.

Tracklist For Get Miserable:
01. Get Miserable
02. I Never Damned You
03. For Austin
04. Chemistry Sells
05. Prima And Sinatra