Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with a worse name than Gayngs, the collective’s producer Ryan Olson and vocalist Channy Leaneagh have announced the debut of their new spinoff project: Poliça. It’s OK though, because what they lack in naming they make up for with their sultry, shadowy electronic pop. On February 14, the group, consisting of Olson, Leaneagh, bassist Chris Bierdan, and drummers Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson, will release its debut as Poliça, Give You The Ghost.
Poliça has a couple of the songs from its record out on the Web, including the lush, shadowy synth pop of “Dark Star” and the ghostly autotuned groove of “Lay Your Cards Out,” featuring Mike Noyce of Bon Iver. Stream it below.
Lay Your Cards Out (feat. Mike Noyce) by polica
Tracklist For Give You The Ghost:
01. Amongster
02. I See My Mother
03. Violent Games
04. Dark Star
05. Form
06. The Maker
07. Lay Your Cards Out (Feat. Mike Noyce)
08. Fist, Teeth, Money
09. Happy Be Fine
10. Wandering Star (Feat. Mike Noyce)
11. Leading To Death