California’s Gardens And Villa has signed to Secretly Canadian to release its self-titled debut full-length. The five-piece released a limited edition seven-inch in 2010 that features two singles from its upcoming album, introducing its glam indie rock from the West Coast.

Chris Lynch, Adam Rasmussen, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop and Dusty Ineman recorded their debut with fellow labelmate Richard Swift in Oregon, where the team crafted dreamy synth-pop gems laced with funk and hints of retro Brit rock that sounds like it travelled through time to reach your stereo.

Featuring singles “Black Hills” and “Orange Blossom,” Gardens And Villa will be released July 5.

Tracklist For Gardens And Villa:

01. Black Hills

02. Cruise Ship

03. Thorn Castles

04. Orange Blossoms

05. Spacetime

06. Chemtrails

07. Star Fire Power

08. Sunday Morning

09. Carriza Plain

10. Neon Drive