Garbage put on an epic show last night at the Palladium. Front-woman Shirley Manson sang her heart out, accepting gifts from her adoring fans throughout the show, including a giant bouquet of roses, a homemade Garbage poster and a pink boa. When she took the boa she declared in her thick Scottish accent, “All right, give me my pink boa! Why does everyone like the pink boa so goddamn much?”
She then launched into a speech about how much she’s learned to love and ended it by saying, “Adapt or die.” Guitarist Steve Marker snapped pictures of Manson during her speech as well as the audience throughout the show with a camera he kept on top of his DJ equipment.
Manson provided plenty of good quotes throughout the night. She introduced “Battle In Me” by saying, “I’m not gonna fuck around: This song is about fucking!” Later, she said if you didn’t get “Cherry Lips” you didn’t get Garbage. Although the main set was filled with energy—Manson climbed all over the side of the stage and walked along the barricade—the highlight of the night was the encore.
The band waited a good three to five minutes before coming out for its encore at which point Manson let herself run wild with a rant about the state of the music industry. “The state of the music industry today, it’s so fucked up,” she explained. “I actually think I might cry.”
She went on to say how when she was a teenager her life was music and that it filled all the empty parts of herself, but when the band first made it she kept having record companies tell her she wasn’t good enough because her songs weren’t getting enough radio play, and how when one hears that enough it starts to sound true. “When I was a teenager I thought if I could be as big as Echo And The Bunnymen I could die happy. I doubt Echo And The Bunnymen could make it today though with today’s music industry.”
She then started to go on about how she loved openers Screaming Females when bassist Duke Erikson begged her to wrap things up so the band could play. After some debate between Shirley and her bandmates, Garbage played “I Hate Love,” its first single off this year’s Not Your Kind Of People. At that point it was past 11 p.m., Los Angeles’s curfew for all-ages shows, but after conferring with Erikson, Manson shouted, “Pork Chop says no curfew!” as the band went into “The One.”
Manson then climbed into the audience and selected a cute blonde-haired girl to pick their next song. The girl started to cry, so Manson asked the girl to pull herself together. “Can you tell us what we’re going to play?” she asked. “And please don’t make it something we haven’t rehearsed in a thousand years.”
The girl then confidently asked them to play “Man On A Wire,” to which Shirley gleefully skipped off and shouted, “WE KNOW IT! But we haven’t rehearsed!” After playing the request Garbage finished off the show with “You Look So Fine.”
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