Ganglians, the Sacramento psych-pop band, has a new record out August 23, Still Living, the band’s first with Lefse and third overall. Produced by Robby Moncrieff, who also produced Dirty Projectors’ astonishing Bitte Orca, Still Living is a double album and looks to be an interesting one.

And we would know, for CMJ has the first single, “Jungle,” streaming above and available for download here. It might be the crystal-clear twanging guitar and the cantering rhythm, but “Jungle” has a Bonanza thing going on. Coupled with a “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” chord vamp, choral oohs and a David Bowie-esque declamatory vocal delivery, Ganglians definitely has no trepidation with heading off toward musical directions that in some states might get the band run out of town. When listening to “Jungle,” it’s hard to decide whether you expect a dude with a mustache to get off his horse or whether the song evokes the usual tribal-chanty thing that’s so popular. You’d call it acid-Western, but that’s already been done and sounds nothing like “Jungle.” Then the thing ends in a car alarm. Definitely one of the odder things you can do with a post-punk guitar song.