Melbourne-born Trent Gill is known for extending the capabilities of the MLR sampling instrument, and he brings that electronic sound science to Commitments, the debut album from his Galapagoose project. His goal with the album is fostered right away with the opener “Don’t Let The Spell Break,” an enchanting, echoing track that quickly transitions from slow guitar strumming to distorted vocals to drumming and into “Planting The Seed,” a playful yet gradually moving track.
It is a jagged road attempting to figure out where exactly Galapagoose got the sounds he mixed into every track. With each incoming sound, one could picture the board lighting up like fireflies and his fingers quickly moving to bring different samples together. The ever-so-typical electronic synth is present in Commitments, but it’s taken to another level when mixed with different bouncing sounds, guitar and slow drumming. Also heard echoing through the album is Gill’s own voice, like in the tracks “Snuffclutch” or “A Time For Us,” where you can hear him ahh-ing and ohh-ing in the background.
Galapagoose’s choice of samples is a curious interweaving of the past and present, like in the track “One Who Can’t Move,” as he samples Frank Sinatra’s “Send In The Clowns” and unites it into a futuristic electro song with an inclination toward pop. Commitments relies on slow tempo to keep its magic throughout, with spontaneity being one of the main themes as clattering metal and other loud noises contrast with the softness of the subdued samples, as he in fact does manage to keep the spell from breaking throughout the entire album.