London-based producer Funkineven is fairly anonymous in the U.S., and he maintains his mystery in the new video for “Rolands Jam.” Funkineven has experienced success in the underground electronic/dance scene in the U.K. and DJed across Europe, and he spent the past year releasing remixes for Ikonika on Hyperdub, Ossie on Lightworks and Gucci Mane, all while prepping his upcoming EP, Rolands Jam, which will be released on vinyl on July 18 via Eglo. Though the producer has been steadily releasing new music, this will be his first official release of 2011.

The video for “Rolands Jam” features Funkineven as Roland Wolfman, a man who wears a wolf mask with sunglasses—you can never be too careful—and has wolf-like hands and teeth. Not to be considered uncivilized, Roland Wolfman wears a suit as he goes about his adventures, acting like a guy who wants to be James Bond but ends up looking like a stalker. The song lends itself to this B-movie setup, which is an almost seven-minute-long saga, complete with cheesy transitional effects and a split screen. There’s also a voice that repeats “Rolands Jam” every so often, and just as it starts to get annoying, you’ll realize that it sounds like the voice in the elevator at the Ministry Of Magic in the Harry Potter movies, and you’ll suddenly have a whole new appreciation for this mysterious video.

“Rolands Jam” leaves you with an abundance of questions: How did he get out of that room if there were bars over the window? Who is the girl? Is he dead at the end or is the bright white light just for fun? And most importantly, who is Funkineven? Judging by his U.K. success, the answer to that question won’t be a secret for much longer. Enjoy the suspense while it lasts.