DJ Mehdi - Photo by Alex Eriksen

UPDATE: Conflicting reports suggest Mehdi’s death resulted either from a roof collapse or the shattering of his “glass veranda floor.”
French electro and hip-hop producer DJ Mehdi has reportedly died. According to Le Parisien, Mehdi and some friends were hanging at his Paris home when his balcony collapsed, sending three people to the hospital. Mehdi was pronounced dead last night at the age of 34. DJ Cut Killer was one of the first to take to Twitter with the news this morning, saying that there are no words to describe the pain he feels at the loss of Mehdi and to “Rest in peace, brother.”
Mehdi was born Mehdi Favéris-Essadi in the Parisian suburb of Hauts-De-Seine in 1977. He made a name for himself as a producer in France’s hip-hop underground working with artists like Different Teep, Ideal J and the music collective Mafia K’1 Fry. He earned international acclaim as a DJ, mixing electro and hip-hop, and collaborating with artists like Daft Punk and Chromeo. Mehdi was also a founding member of the Club75 music collective, along with Zdar, Busy Pedro and Xavier. He sported a Club75 tattoo on his right forearm, which we noticed when we photographed Mehdi two weeks ago at the Fool’s Gold Day Off Party. Mehdi’s performance was exuberant and full of life, making his death all the more hard felt.
Mehdi released a new mixtape on his website on September 9 that was mixed live at the Paris Social Club in August. As he described it, “It’s that usual mixtape momentum that you guys know I like: starting quite slow, creeping up to a couple of current favourite hits, and finishing with a classic throwback and a Hip-Hop tune.” Download it here.
Paris Social Club has posted on its Facebook that it will be closed tonight for an evening of silence in remembrance of Mehdi. Music colleagues like Drake and Chromeo have also paid tribute to Mehdi already on Twitter, with Chromeo writing “We lost our brother. No words.” Mehdi is survived by his wife, the artist and model Fafi.
Additional reporting done by Alex Eriksen.