Photos by Corinne Bagish

Williamsburg showgoers plucked stray glow sticks from the floor of Glasslands that were left courtesy of Savoir Adore, a duet-favoring indie twosome that had just finished its set. An intersection of new and retro tunes pumped through the speakers as French Horn Rebellion prepared to take the stage in celebration of its newest album, The Infinite Music Of French Horn Rebellion.

Past midnight, a fog machine announced the start of the set. Colorful lights filtered through the mist, decreasing visibility but adding a club vibe. The duo, brothers David and Robert Perlick-Molinari, opened with “What I Want,” a super catchy snyth-boosted number. Chanting electro-enhanced vocals that occasionally broke into high-pitched harmonies eclectically rounded out the sound.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, but originally Wisconsin, French Horn Rebellion proved to be as eccentric as Yeasayer and as infectious as MGMT (not surprisingly, as David has production cred on MGMT’s Time To Pretend EP). Funk-filled ’70s throwback paired with heavy-handed tech and the occasional French horn blast marked the performance. Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer of Savior Adore completed the live lineup, adding additional vocals and drums.

On top of it all, the brothers had legit crowd appeal. Armed with a throbbing backbeat, the brothers took it down off the stage, dancing wildly to the delight of the glow-sticked masses. After the audience members had thoroughly danced their asses off (and unavoidably inhaled lots of fog), the band exited the stage. But glow sticks and hips kept swaying in the aftermath—the party wasn’t over.