Frank Ocean, the Odd Future-connected R&B singer, has released his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, online for free download. Ocean released the mixtape after stating that his label, Island Def Jam, took forever to do it itself, in a pretty inspired statement that he owns his own music. Nostalgia, Ultra is available now on Ocean’s Tumblr.

Frank Ocean, who sounds like either a more self-aware Nelly or exactly like Drake, depending on which song you listen to, sings over Coldplay and talks about his vulnerabilities—a bit of a change from the excruciatingly profane adolescence-incarnate of OFWGKTA, which is about as far from vulnerable as it gets. But Ocean is nonetheless connected to Tyler the Creator and his merry band of menace, which makes his casual shrug-off of his contract to an international record label unsurprising.

Odd Future is sort of the group of the moment, with a thermonuclear performance on Jimmy Fallon last month kick-starting a sold-out tour, massive press coverage and just total domination for the members, all of whom are around the cusp of 20 (except for Ocean, who is 23). Meanwhile Earl is still nowhere to be seen, which is sort of incredible given the huge success of his friends and his own substantial talent. Free Earl!

Here Ocean’s “Swim Good” from Nostalgia, Ultra below.