Rap lady Foxy Brown escaped prosecution for mooning her uptight neighbor Irene Raymond on Tuesday because the plaintiff refused to testify in court. Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith dropped charges that Brown violated Raymond’s restraining order against her when she screamed obscenities at her neighbor and then flashed her underwear-covered butt last summer.

“While the District Attorney’s office has no doubt the defendant committed this crime, we have no other choice but to dismiss the case,” said Isdith, who probably should have something more important to work on. Besides, most people would be honored to almost see Foxy Brown’s booty.

Raymond filed a restraining order against her semi-famous neighbor in 2008, after the two got into an argument over the volume of Foxy Brown’s car stereo. Mooning Raymond, even while wearing underwear, would be an unacceptable violation of that court order and therefore not a complete waste of time for public employees. Had the case gone to court, Brown was ready for battle; her lawyer Salvatore Strazzulo had prepared to argue that Brown wasn’t even wearing underwear at the time of the alleged mooning, proving (?) that Raymond had lied. Lucky for him, Brown will soon file civil charges against Raymond for malicious prosecution, so he won’t have to miss a paycheck.