Threatening to “shoot up the place” if his song request was not played by the Bridgewater State University radio station WBIM 91.5 on Monday night, an Easton, MA resident was arrested on Tuesday after police traced his cell phone.
According to Alex H. Finnegan, 24, called several times threatening the station. After the third call, station manager Mariela Herrarte warned him that she would call the police if he called again.
“After that, he called two more times,” Herrarte told CMJ, “I called the cops on him the fourth time. The fifth time he called, the cops were already there.”
BSU police closed the Rondileau Campus Center at about 10.30 p.m. and stayed there throughout the night.
Finnegan was a recent graduate from Bridgewater State, and had previously DJed at WBIM. In Finnegan’s written statement to police, he said, “The threats I made were completely a joke with no intentions of ever being made a reality. I am truly sorry that I scared anybody and wasted the resources of BSU doing so.”
Finnegan faces a felony charge (making a threat with serious public harm) and a misdemeanor (making a threat to commit murder).