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While maneuvering in a specially designed throne that rolled around the stage, a broken legged Dave Grohl led his Foo Fighters valiantly through a 27 song, nearly three-hour show last night at the Mets stadium. And it was the second of two nights there for the alt-rock heroes.

After Royal Blood warmed up the teeming throng, Foo Fighters came on and, other than changing the name of the tour to “The Broken Leg Tour,” the band didn’t hold back in any other way. In addition to all their faves, they weaved in numerous covers (Bowie, Kiss, Heartbreakers), and even brought on Darryl Jenifer and Dr. Know from the Bad Brains for two Bad Brains covers. The context of how big Foo Fighters have become did not completely bury the odd fact that two Bad Brains songs were being performed at a huge stadium show.

Grohl interacted and chatted with the crowd all night. The band was in top form. What can you say? Despite the near ubiquity of Grohl these days, his band still puts on a bad ass show.

Photos by Adela Loconte