New Zealand’s Flying Nun is celebrating its 30th birthday today with a boatload of shows, screenings and retrospective releases from FN artists. Ground zero for shindigs is New Zealand, where 30 different events are going down. Thankfully for us yanks there’s no need to change equators or time zones because there’s a show right in our own backyard at Cake Shop. Seven bucks and a 21+ ID get you inside CS tonight to see the Jewish, Regal Degal, Joe Blossom, Gemma Gracewood and the Mad Scene. DJ Mac Hodge will be there along with Mike Wolf. Doors open at 9 p.m. Bring your appetite for tunes and treats (we strongly recommend the Oreo chocolate cake).
Other happenings include screenings of the Chris Knox retrospective, a Flying Nun video comp and a documentary on FN. To find out when and where, just check the FN site for updates. If that wasn’t enough we’re also getting U.S. releases now and in 2012. This month, on the 22nd, the Bats‘ new album will be available as well as the band’s debut album reissued on 12″. The 3Ds‘ debut, Hellzapoppin, will also hit stores on 12″ LP. For the new year there will be various artist complications of FN’s greatest hits, which you can stream here. There will also be a retread of the label’s past with Time To Go Compilation: Psychedelic Moment 1981-1986, in addition to reissues of High Dependency Unit’s Metamathics, a collection of tracks from the Clean and of the Shocking Pinks’ debut, Dance, The Dance Electric. Prepare yourselves for Nunvember.