Photo by Grace Smith

Not many artists have had the same success as Harley Streten so early on in their career, especially in a genre that is constantly asking for newer and fresher music. Streten, better known as Flume, had been making “bedroom” music for a while, but after a lot of EPs and a self-titled LP, Flume’s time for recognition has finally come, and it looks like he has no plans on looking back. Flume combines heavily booming synths and hip-hop beats, and though artists like him can disappoint when they play their songs live, his set at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Tuesday was nothing to scoff at.
I pushed my way through the hoards of Australians, (who knew NYC had so many?) who came out to support their local star, at around 11:30 when Flume first took the stage. He opened with “More Than You Thought,” a solid choice that instantly got people dancing. As the bass boomed and people cheered him on, Streten really got into it, letting his head rock from side to side and making it tough to snap a pic of him. Flume went on to play many of the tracks from his debut album, like “Left Alone,” “Sleepless” and “Insane,” which seemed to bring out the happier, grinning side in everyone.

The highlight of the night was when Flume unleashed his remix of Hermitude’s “HyperParadise,” which just recently hit over a million views on YouTube. I literally felt the ground shake as the beat dropped. As people jerked about in a “Harlem Shake” fashion, Flume kept going and played what seemed to be an extended version of the song.
Just like he does on his album, Flume was able to keep us entertained from start to finish. The future looks really bright for the young Australian: At only 21, he’s been able to assert himself into the industry. While you can hear a lot of his influences in his music, he has the ability to add his own vibe to it. I was impressed when I heard his debut album, but after that performance I can officially say that I am a “Flumehead.”