Photo by Julian Hampton

Having home-field advantage is always a good thing, and the Brooklynites of Field Mouse showed why on Friday night as they comfortably seized the cozy Shea Stadium stage. Andrew Futral and Rachel Brown make up the dream-pop duo that soulfully cooed its usual jams “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom” and “Glass” before gracing us with a song they’ve never played for a live audience. The band treated us to rich, synth-filled soundscapes mixed with weighty guitars while also making us laugh in between songs, providing for a close and intimate show that virtually put us in Field Mouse’s living room.
The band moseyed up onto the stage at around 10:30 and immediately unleashed its collection of dreamy songs. With a patient crowd waiting, the drummer counted down to three and the band collectively started jamming. As Futral strummed and swayed on the guitar, Brown let loose her angelic voice that was often drowned out by the band’s intense percussion and synths. From beginning to end, the band members played each song with such joyful expressions, jumping around with smiles on their faces, obviously enjoying the music that they were playing. The band was relentless during its short set: Brown wailed while Futral strummed so hard he managed to break his whammy bar (that a fan picked up) while synchronizing with the drummer’s unyielding percussion.
The band brought a little excitement to the stuffy loft, making even most jaded audience members leave their seats and join the rest of the crowd as we bobbed our heads and tapped our feet to their heartening tunes. “Do you guys want us to play a song we’ve never played before?” Brown asked, and before we could answer, they jumped into it. The unnamed new song sounds like guitar-driven rock mixed with melodic synth-pop for which the band is quietly becoming known.
The set, which was sadly too short, had a joyful vibe that helped take our minds off of the bitter cold that was awaiting us outside. The band scurried off the stage as quietly as it entered, seemingly content with its performance, and for good reason.