The Movement Of The People, a political party started by Nigerian musician, human rights activist, and Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, is celebrating the current wave of political struggles and uprisings going on around the world by holding a series of Fela “Movement Of The People” parties. The parties are an effort to gain inspiration from Kuti’s music and to show solidarity with the people of Africa and the Middle East as they fight for their political and personal freedoms.

M.O.P. (Movement Of The People) Political Statement No. 1 by knitrecords

Before Kuti died in 1997, he wrote an epic 37-minute track called “M.O.P. (Movement Of The People) Political Statement Number 1” that embodies the spirit of the movement for which he struggled and fought his entire life. New re-releases of Kuti’s music will be played at the parties, and Kuti CDs, buttons and posters will be available as well.

Party Dates For Movement Of The People:
05/25 – Philadelphia, PA – Warmdaddy’s
05/28 – Indianapolis, IN – Urban Element
05/28 – London, UK – The New Empowering Church
06/01 – Chicago, IL – Global Soul
06/04 – Burlington, VT – Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival
06/06 – Houston, TX – The Flat
06/09 – San Francisco, CA – Brick And Mortar Music Hall