Up until the announcement of her upcoming album Metals, iPod indie singer-songwriter Feist had been keeping pretty quiet since she made it big with “1 2 3 4” in 2007. This morning, Colorado radio station KBOC debuted the first single from Metals, a low-key and perfectly Feisty tune called “How Come You Never Go There.” As opposed to the poppier and more uptempo songs that garnered so much commercial success for her last album, The Reminder, this new track brings the sultry singer back to her slower and quieter roots that recall songs like “Let It Die” and “One Evening” from her sophomore album. Feist’s lusty vocals paired with understated instrumentation from a piano, guitar, drums and horns make “How Come You Never Go There” a promising single for Metals, which drops October 4 via Interscope/Cherry Tree. For fans of the mellow and seductive pre-Reminder Feist, this latest single shows that all hope may not be lost for another soulful, haunting album from the hipster queen.

How Come You Never Go There by Feist