The Federal Communications Commission announced that it will allow non-commercial educational radio stations to raise money for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief. Members of this category of radio stations, which encompasses college radio, are not typically permitted to perform any on-air fundraising unless the proceeds go toward the stations themselves. The FCC made similar allowances to promote fundraising efforts after Sept. 11, Hurricane Katrina and Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Under the FCC’s temporarily revised guidelines, a station may email an informal request for a Section 73.503(d) or 73.621(e) waiver to Barbara Kreisman (, if the request involves a television station, or to Peter Doyle ( and Michael Wagner (, if the request involves a
radio station. Stations submitting waivers should receive a response quickly, as FCC radio contact Wagner tells CMJ that “we try to act on requests the day we get them.”

Further submission instructions may be found here.