Fat Beats has just announced signing New York-based CSC Funk Band, adding another powerful sound to the label’s well-established and hip-hop-dominated roster. As the band has built its reputation around Brooklyn’s noise-punk scene, it offers a high-energy style of music felt in both live performance and on CSC Funk Band’s upcoming debut LP, Things Are Getting Too Casual, available June 14.

CSC Funk Band’s eclectic sound is influenced by each of its 11 members. The band features lead guitarist Colin Langenus of USA Is A Monster and also includes members of Akron/Family, GWAR and Bad Manners. The diverse backgrounds of the instrumentalists that make up CSC Funk Band certainly allow for a spectrum of musical possibility. Things Are Getting Too Casual is said to be a collection of tracks ranging between “mildly aggressive” and “chill and casual.” But judging by the racing percussion of the track “Caneca,” a preview from the upcoming LP, things aren’t getting too casual on this album. Stream “Caneca” below, or download the song here.

Tracklist For Things Are Getting Too Casual:
1. Caneca
2. We Don’t Care
3. Little Business
4. Thrift Store Find
5. Fiesta
6. Bad Banana Bread
7. Funk Shoppe
8. A Troll’s Soiree
9. Old Motel