Photo by Hugh Francis

The Antlers was midway through a synth-drenched set of haunting, melodic dream pop by the time CMJ reached Wellmont Theatre. Michael Lerner’s drumming was powerful and somber, cutting through the thick ambiance of Darby Cicci’s keyboard work. Lead singer Peter Silberman shone during the band’s final track, “Putting The Dog To Sleep,” leaving the room bewildered and heaving for the main act.
After a brief interlude of wildly out-of-place R&B music, Explosions In The Sky took the stage and ploughed through one and half hours of hugely dynamic, instrumental music. The band’s signature “soft/loud/soft” style was truly effective—arguably more so than on record. Some drum sections from the band’s new album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care were surprisingly brutal and heavier live, proving the band’s mastery of dynamic range.
It was definitely the tracks from EITS’ 2009 album All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone that got the most attention from the crowd. The band ended with “Your Hand In Mine” to a sea of hands in the air, and left the stage with squealing guitar feedback. As the mysteriously placed R&B music faded back in, the dazed and drained crowd spilled out onto the street.