CMJ has the exclusive download of “Post Helado Madness,” available here. Stream the track below.

You won’t find much information about San Diego’s Little Deadman online. The quartet formed in 2009 and has been steadily writing music ever since, but aside from that indistinct scrap of a bio, you’ll just have to let the music speak for itself. Check out CMJ’s exclusive free download of “Post Helado Madness” and you’ll see why, for these guys, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Little Deadman’s sound is undeniably coastal, but not in the same sense as the breezy, sunny stuff that’s probably coming through your speakers, now that (for the northern hemisphere folk, at least) it’s summer. The group takes reverb-washed Southern California vibes and pumps them through a spooky protopunk filter that evokes in equal parts the batty mojo of the Arctic Monkeys’ first album and Television’s intricate, upper-register guitar play.

“Post Helado Madness” lives up to the madness part of its name, a highly strung track with churning floor-tom rolls and spazzy guitar riffs that smack of Dick Dale. Throw that in with the ghostly, distorted la-la-las on the chorus, and you’ve got one suspenseful car chase of a song. “Helado” is Spanish for ice cream, which makes you wonder what kind of messed up ice cream these guys have been eating. Granted, no one enjoys brainfreeze, but since when did frosty desserts get anyone so riled up?

“Post Helado Madness” appears on the Little Deadman’s Shooting Seagulls EP on Single Screen (“The Lunatic,” in particular, is a highlight). The group has also made its 7-inch “Shooting Seagulls” single available for free download on its Bandcamp page. Look for a full-length Little Deadman debut early next year.