Photo by Sofia Stolpe

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The Deer Tracks, the Northern Lights electronica duo from Gävle, Sweden, made up of singers and multi-instrumentalists David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors, is a bit of an anomaly—in the best way possible. Instead of embracing technology and their electronica label, the band members are most at home when they are enclosed in nature and left to their own devices, which include splashing through streams during breaks and piecing together new tracks from leftover fragments of ones that are lost when hard drives crash.

The Deer Tracks released its first album, Aurora, in 2008 and is now one-third of the way through releasing its U.S. debut, The Archer Trilogy. The Archer Trilogy, Pt. 1 is a five-track EP that was released in March, but Pt. 2 is a full-length album that will be released on July 5 via Control Group. Recorded in Lindfors’ grandmother’s cabin in the Swedish wilderness in almost total isolation, it is inescapably a result of its manner of creation.

On “Dark Passenger,” Lehnberg and Lindfors’ use of nature is not just for inspiration and a change of scenery—their surroundings can be heard in the music in an eerily intuitive way. The track has a rhythm that is unexpected and exciting and yet completely right, and the hauntingly light vocals somehow have the force of a storm against the strategically-used heavy beats. Much like disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world and retreating to a place where silence is natural and every brush of the finger sounds like a clap of thunder, the experience of listening to “Dark Passenger” is oddly comforting but a little disconcerting. It is an aptly named track that leads you blindly down peaceful stone paths and through rapids that threaten to derail the entire adventure. It comes in waves—the highs are never exactly the same and even the lows are inexplicably exciting—and then it’s over.