When French beatmaker dÉbruit, aka Xavier Thomas, moved from Paris to a Turkish neighborhood in London, the sounds that he found spurred him on to seek out more of the same. He traveled to the very source, and in Istanbul he inspected traditional Turkish folk instruments, gathering the knowledge of the local craftsmen, instrument tuners and specialist shopkeepers that he met.

Loaded with this new-found understanding, dÉbruit returned to London and began crafting tracks to reflect what he’d just learned. He infused a loose hip-hop framework with traditional Turkish elements and instrumentation, turning the project into the four-track Şiş Sürpriz release. Translating to mean “Skewer Surprise,” the EP that drops tomorrow via Civil incorporates synths with darbukas (a type of goblet drum), MPC beats with zurna flutes, introducing the new by way of the familiar. “I try to find my fun in something new and previously unknown or unnatural to my processes, something I wouldn’t have done before hearing and enjoying new styles and instruments,” dÉbruit explains.

dÉbruit also explores this cross-cultural mixing in his forthcoming full-length album, focused on African rhythms and traditional forms of music. “I’ll be heading to Ghana when my album is finished to find some musicians to play my non-African melodies with African instruments and an African vibe than nobody can fake,” he says. “I don’t want to take their sound and rhythm and steal it as my own—I want the local musicians to steal mine and make it theirs, and together we can make something amazing!”

To herald the release of Şiş Sürpriz tomorrow (that, as an aside, comes with 3D artwork and the appropriate eyewear to maximize effects), dÉbruit has crafted a mix of Turkish music especially for us. “This, for me, is a tasteful balance between traditional and modern, exploration and roots,” dÉbruit explains. Download his mix exclusive to CMJ here, and stream below.

Tracklist For dÉbruit’s Turkish Mix:

01. Erkin Koray – Mesafeler Apka Ynamyyorum
02. Selda – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
03. Sevmek İstiyorum
04. Erkin koray – Anma Arkada
05. Okay Temiz – Denizalti Ruzgarlan Yesilcam
06. Ihsan Al-Munzer – Jamileh
07. Erol pekcan Orkestrasi – Gel Sevigilim Yesilcam
08. Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi – Su Derenin Sulari
09. débruit – MEZDÉ