The New Zealand noise punks of Die!Die!Die! released the first single from their upcoming fourth LP, Harmony, and it’s attached to a classy animation worthy of watching with your fanciest box of wine. The song is called “Oblivious: Oblivion” and is set to a brand new cartoon from fellow New Zealander and YouTube series animator Dadandtracy, and you can watch it exclusively below.
According to the band, “All Dadandtracy’s characters sum up a particular part of New Zealand Die!Die!Die! hold dear to their hearts.” After seeing his predictably twisted illustration of Pumice‘s “World With Worms,” Die!Die!Die! knew it needed to get in on that animated action. The band’s debut video from Harmony stars Bully, a beer-gutted, perpetually sloshed divorcee who may be a New Zealand relative of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Watch Bully’s mind fall apart to the trilling guitar grind of “Oblivious: Oblivion” right here.