Searing, Memphis-based post-garage combo Ex-Cult has announced the release date of its second full-length, titled Midnight Passenger. It’ll be ready for your grubby mitts on April 29 through Goner Records. The general theme is purported to be that of the road-tattered touring band lifestyle. But knowing the cutting riffs and overall viseral intensity the band displayed through all those shows they did last year, it’s doubtful this’ll be one of those hackneyed “The road’s fuckin’ lonely, man” deals. They’ve made the wise decision to bring in Doug Easley (Oblivians, the Fuzz, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) to capture the band’s sound. And their hard-charging ways won’t quit, as they have a mess of SXSW shows set up (including the Goner Records showcase), plus no doubt some touring around that.