There’s a thin line between paying homage and just stealing shit, and Ex Cops gracefully skate that line in the Replacements-biting clip for “Ken,” a fuzzy, shamble-rock track off the band’s upcoming record, True Hallucinations. The defiantly minimal clip, which the band premiered today (via Consequence Of Sound), begins with a tight shot on a speaker before slowly pulling back to reveal a turntable, some records, and eventually a person smoking a cigarette. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same concept as the Replacements’ “Bastards Of Young” video.
So what makes this a fitting tribute and not a piece of pop-plagiarism? Well, it comes down to the details: the way the cigarette is revealed, the appearance of a stray foot, the skipping vinyl, the angry kick delivered to the speaker at the video’s conclusion. Sure, it’s not the most complicated video to replicate, but it’s the thought that counts. Check it out, below.

True Hallucinations, the debut album from Ex Cops, is out January 22 via Other Music.