The Everything Independent Showcase at Williamsburg venue Spike Hill retained a good sized crowd throughout its entirety, despite its odd timing from 1pm to 6pm. The cheesy Halloween decorations adorning the venue added a nostalgic vibe, which was only amplified by the softer tunes that filled the atmosphere. The showcase opened with Tamar Haviv, a genuinely sweet act with a pleasantly childlike stage presence (kazoo interlude included). Lawrence And Leigh, a harmonizing duo accompanied by a lone acoustic guitar, managed to create a full and layered sound. Will Stratton took the stage next. His intricate eleven-string finger picking captivated the audience in a new way, as everyone took a seat and watched in silence.

Mama Bear, a pop folk band from Bushwick, performed a cheery and energized set. This stand out performance lightened up the tone once again. They were followed by the Life And Times Of, a sort of TV On The Radio meets Kings Of Leon. The autumnal gathering concluded with a performance by the Travelling Band of Manchester, England. The gentle melodies created by this six-piece were received well by the now large crowd.