The documentary Everything In-Between: The Story Of Ellipse closely follows the three year-long creation process of Grammy winning artist Imogen Heap’s third studio album. The film, directed by Justine Pearsall, was preceded by an introduction by Imogen Heap and was followed by a question and answer session. Its official release date in the US was November 2.

Imogen Heap’s comprehensive creative process including writing, recording, mastering, and putting together the album art is made explicit through the footage. We watch Imogen as she builds a studio in her childhood home, renovating and redecorating the historic house in the process. It is as if we are privy to intimate moments, as we see Imogen bang on light fixtures, tap on pipes and stair railings, and record the creaking of doors to incorporate the sounds of this house into Ellipse. We observe her record vocals and toy with her new soundboard until the wee hours of the morning and see clips of performance footage and snippets of collaborations with other artists such Mika. Beyond the music, the audience witnesses milestones in the incredibly likeable and eccentric Imogen’s non-musical life, including the day she passes her driver’s test and the purchase of her first car (from eBay nonetheless). Thus, the viewer is presented with a first-hand view into the complexities of crafting an album and more.