Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer and weird-folk musician Jason Webley, who perform and record as conjoined twins Evelyn Evelyn, have scheduled a run of shows in Edinburgh August 17-21. To celebrate, the duo released a morbid, strange, and 7.5-minute-long music video for Evelyn Evelyn’s song “Sandy Fishnets.” According to Palmer’s blog, the song was inspired by a Dresden Dolls show in New Jersey, after which fans accompanied Palmer and Webley to a nearby beach while wearing fishnet stockings.

In the video, which was animated by Vince Mascoli and looks a little like Modest Mouse‘s video for “King Rat,” Sandy Fishnets is washed ashore and meets the “ill-fated Evelyn sisters.” It’s not much of a celebration, but it fits a duo that pretends to be conjoined twins when they perform.

Webley and Palmer reached out to Mascoli after he used the instrumental version of “Sandy Fishnets” in an animated video called “Dear Dad, Love Maria” in which a transsexual woman addresses her estranged father the night before her gender reassignment surgery. Palmer wrote on her blog that she and Webley were “so touched (and impressed) by the little film” that they asked Mascoli to make another sad video for their song.