It’s not often that a record reflects the name of the group that released it in such a way that Eulogies’ third full-length album does. Tear The Fences Down is itself a eulogy, written in dedication to Pablo Castelaz (son of Dangerbird co-founder Jeff Castelaz) who died in 2009 from a rare form of cancer. However, this does not mean that the album is dreary or dragging, but rather a celebration of a life through song.

The positive vibe of the album keeps listeners’ spirits high as it tells the story of being set free. Opening track “Out Of Style, Out Of Touch” sets the tone in a lighthearted manner with ever-changing percussion consisting of drums, hand claps, shakers and a bright, energetic guitar. Hopefulness reigns supreme when singer/guitarist Peter Walker sings, “We’ll find what’s left in us to celebrate,” hinting at overcoming a sad or difficult time. As a bookend to the opener, closing track “Little Else To Say” is buoyed by plucked-guitar while Walker sings, “You’re gone, but you live on.”

Tear The Fences Down offers a number of paradoxes in its style, its themes, and song titles like “Little Bombs.” Though at times thick with electric instrumentation, the album never becomes too heavy or stagnant, as Eulogies continuously catches listeners’ ears with new sounds. From a piano’s high note repeatedly played throughout the chorus of one song, to an accordion making its debut in another, there’s always something new to discover in this collection of indie rock anthems. Tear The Fences Down is open and inviting, and it’s hard not to be pulled in by its verve and genuine sincerity.