Groovy news from Escort, everyone’s favorite 17-piece (!) disco troupe: The Brooklyn-based dance mavens have just released a video for “Why Oh Why” off of their self-titled LP, released this January. The video is a relatively straightforward performance piece, complete with shimmering lights and appearances by all of the collective’s members, with plenty of sultry closeups on foxy lead singer Adeline Michèle.
Fans will get a chance to get a real-life dose of the celebratory spirit of the video in the coming weeks, as well. All 17 members of Escort will play Brooklyn Bowl on March 23, as part of a last.FM-sponsored “Live In NYC” event. Given Escort’s reputation for bubbly, bacchanalian shows—as well as the ear-numbing catchiness of the most recent release—this show will be a disco inferno of the highest quality. See for yourself at Brooklyn Bowl, and check out the video below.