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Claude Violante does it all. In addition to performing as one half of analog pop duo Haussmann, the French singer is a writer, producer and crafter of remixes. Now she’s adding “solo artist” to her achievements with the release of her debut self-titled solo EP, out via Tsunami-Addiction. CMJ is streaming the EP in its entirety, below.
“I was allowed to be ridiculously precise about synth sounds, [and] take as much time as I wanted to polish details without being a pain in the ass to anyone,” Violante tells CMJ. The four tracks on Claude Violante are obviously labors of love, as club-ready beats and synths are mixed harmoniously with Violante’s intimate voice. There’s also a soft gloom present throughout, which fits perfectly with the blue aesthetic on the album cover.
“I guess it’s always interesting to be testing your limits and possibilities, that is what I was looking for with my solo project,” she says. “I had to depend on myself only, which was a good and a bad thing.”
Violante will soon be reuniting with Thomas Carteron for Haussmann’s first EP. However, more solo work is on the horizon for Violante as she has plans for more remixes and another solo EP or LP.
Claude Violante EP by CMJ Network