Beast Patrol
The debut EP of CMJ 2012 band Beast Patrol is coming out next week, but we’ve got the whole thing streaming for you today. Fierce And Grateful is fueled by fuzzy guitars, crisp, rocking drums and the gritty voice of Vanessa Bley, whose singing is a cross between the deadpan of Chrissie Hynde and the scruff of Tiffany Lamson, one of the vocalists in CMJ 2011 performers Givers. Check out the EP below and the band’s answers to some burning questions we had about Beast Patrol.

How did Beast Patrol form, and when did you start recording songs together?
We met in spring 2011 when we all played a revolutionary concert pedal powered by natural ass—or bicycles. It was a beautiful experience that manifested many solid friendships including our band. We started writing songs together about a year later.
What was the inspiration for the title of the record? How can you be both fierce and grateful?
Like anything passionate, there seems to be a dichotomy of urgency with grace. We play hard but with compassion and are thankful to do it.
Do you have any plans to record a full-length album soon?
Yes, absolutely. We’re writing now and really excited about the vibe. It’s a good cocktail of all our favorite bands: ’90s rock, ’70s funk, ’80s beat, ’60s drugs, etc.
You guys are playing CMJ this year. Thoughts? Feelings? Strategic preparations?
We’re stoked to play for new crowds, and CMJ always brings them. We’ve been playing new songs at shows lately too, so that will be a proper gauge. Webster Hall Studio. 9 p.m. 10/19.