Photos by Kate Shapiro

If you wondered where all of the 40-something hipsters were in New York City early yesterday evening, they were at the Mercury Lounge seeing the first of two New York shows that night by next-big-thing EMA. Erika M. Anderson, whose initials lend the band’s name, has been on tour since June and shows no signs of letting up any time soon.

The show at Mercury Lounge was short but sweet. EMA played the majority (if not entirety) of her debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints. EMA’s setup consisted of her sister on drums and two other band members who played instruments ranging from keyboard to electric violin. Anderson herself shined, singing one song completely a capella. The set ended on a bold rendition of “California” where the ex-Gowns member ditched the guitar and took to the mic, wrapping the cord around her neck like a noose as she got into the song. This band has only been playing together for six months, but the members have a certain chemistry to them that promises very good things in the future for EMA.

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