Our CMJ Music Marathon isn’t just a platform for burgeoning artists to connect to a fan base—it is also a vehicle for global activism. On October 21, San Diego nonprofit Invisible Children‘s Silent Disco hosted by Big Screen Plaza at Eventi Hotel and co-presented by the Stashbox will take place during CMJ. The party will feature live sets by Spirit Family Reunion and Hundred Visions and videos made by Invisible Children to inspire participation in its latest endeavor. View all the details here.
Invisible Children recently announced that it will be joining forces with the Voice Project to form the Music Coalition, which is a group of musicians whose current goal is to fund the development of a more efficient FM radio communication network in Uganda and its neighboring countries, war-torn areas terrorized by rebel leader Joseph Kony.
The Voice Project and Invisible Children have for years helped Northern Ugandans and other victims of Kony’s violent campaign. This most recent project aims to “save lives and end a war through music” by raising money to construct an Early Warning Network among different African villages in Kony’s line of fire. The network would allow people to communicate about recent invasions by Kony’s guerrilla army and allocate resources among victimized regions in order to better recover from the attacks. The network will also provide children abducted by Kony’s army to reconnect with family and return home.
Musicians and their fans can fund the development of the Early Warning Network via the Music Coalition. Artists like Edward Sharpe And the Magnetic Zeros, Saves The Day, Hellogoodbye, the Plain White T’s and the Shivers‘ Cameron Hull have already set fundraising goals for the Music Coalition to help raise $100,000 for the Early Warning Network.