MNDR - Photo by Alex Eriksen

Mondays aren’t usually party nights, but it was Columbus Day, and you know that dude must have partied when he hit America. The after-work crowd filed into Tammany Hall to catch a night of the TFG Tour, featuring Edelweiss, Dinosaur Feathers and MNDR—a bit of a mixed bag but a good blend of styles. Edelweiss, a five-piece visiting from Pennsylvania, played an Explosions In The Sky-style show, with plenty of arpeggio-driven jams, sort of like rock ‘n’ roll chamber music. The stage was crowded with all of them up there, but the band is used to playing a tight-knit, strength-in-numbers kind of show. These guys are still in high school, but if they stick it out, they’ll be a band to watch for down the line.
The Brooklyn outfit Dinosaur Feathers played breathless indie pop, the perfect soundtrack to the Indian summer we’ve been enjoying. Dinosaur Feathers wraps its songs in bright colors and tropical moods. Typically fans of acoustic strumming, the boys favored a louder, more rocking approach on Monday night without sacrificing their melodic pop vocals.
MNDR transformed the retro-style bar into a full-blown disco. A projector on the mezzanine emitted all manner of colored light in dozens of different patterns. Amanda Warner stood alone on the stage, jiving to her electro-pop jams and trying at every opportunity to get the crowd involved; she did manage to incite a small group around the stage to dance and sing. She took some time to campaign for her MTV O Award for Best Web-Born Artist, saying that all she needs to beat Odd Future is about a billion votes. At the close of her set, she fled backstage, not to be seen again, which is a little strange since there couldn’t have been more than 30 people at the show and the other bands mingled with the crowd. Maybe she realized she’d left the stove on at home.
As part of CMJ 2011, Edelweiss plays the Surprise Attack showcase at Lit Lounge on October 22 and Dinosaur Feathers plays the Rock Shop on October 20.
All photos by Alex Eriksen.
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