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Last Friday night, Leeds insurrectionists Eagulls proved something astounding: New Yorkers can mosh. At 1:15 a.m. the band gathered offstage, among the crowd at Brooklyn’s newest club, Baby’s All Right, to share their angst via their relentless post-punk tunes.
As the suave singer George Mitchell has told us in a recent interview, these lads may have some boring as hell jobs back home, but they certainly know how to rant and have mad fun at their shows. Without a doubt, the band lived up to their reputation for live antics and reminded us that it’s okay to do something more than just nod at a concert. From their first song, Nerve Endings, the crowd took over the empty stage where some danced and others wrestled until the very last song was over. The complete lack of barriers between band and public gave the show an intimate ambiance that allowed attendees to interact with them in a way that made it hard to distinguish who was who among the mayhem. Aside from a quick, “What are you doing?” from Mitchell, the band garnered this crowd craziness solely through their infectious performance.
The show concluded with Possessed, the latest single from their upcoming, self-titled debut album, expected to drop on March 3 via Partisan. The U.K. quintet also played a show at Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge on Wednesday and appeared on David Letterman earlier that night.