Female post-punk duo Eagle And Talon releases its new EP, In Manila (BI/AKKA) on February 22, adding a more danceable beat to its characteristic raw sound. Comedian and improvisational musician Reggie Watts contributes bass vocals to the record that explores new territory for the group.

After meeting in LA, Eagle And Talon released its first EP, Eagle And Talon Cares in 2006 before touring North America with Australian singer Sia. The duo, consisting of Kim and Alice Talon, established itself as part of LA’s eastside music scene before the pair released its first full-length album, Thracian in 2009.

Previously described as post-punk, Eagle And Talon continues to mix up its sound by venturing into pop and dance on In Manila, using sections of organ instrumentals, and sounds of the Caribbean in addition to its more chaotic guitars and vocals for which it is known.