The 2012 KCRW Masquerade may have featured live performances by Mexican Institute Of Sound, Hanni El Khatib and Dustbowl Revival; DJ sets from John Lydon, Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Z-Trip; clowning via the vaudevillian troupe Lucent Dossier; a ghost story room; food trucks and photo booths galore; but the real star of the evening was the amazing costumes people came up with. Yes, there were one too many Sams and Suzys from Moonrise Kingdom, but the creativity of some of the attendees really shined through.
One man was dressed as the Count from Sesame Street wearing a “Save Big Bird” button while another went to Jewish folk lore for inspiration and dressed himself in an eerie Golem costume painting the Hebrew word for life on his forehead. A group of at least 15 people all dressed up as different gnomes, which kept being mistaken for various Smurf characters. A cute couple dressed as caterers from Party Down, and another dressed in elaborate Japanese outfits as a geisha and a samurai.
As mentioned before, there were an excess of Sam-and-Suzy’s, but that didn’t stop Dustbowl Revival from owning the hell out of their khaki Scout uniforms. The band members roamed the halls throughout the evening doing impromptu performances, finishing off by playing a full set in the parking lot by the food trucks, which lead to a mini-hoedown in the parking lot.
Although Dustbowl Revival had a very lively set, the most fun performance of the night was probably Z-Trip who engaged the audience for almost every one of the songs he spun. Early on in his set he had the crowd sing along to “Let It Be.” Ghouls, goblins, way too many Mario Bros, and a Golem sang the iconic Beatles song while images of Frankenstein were projected onto Z-Trip, who was dressed like Superman. The combination of music and images lead to nonstop dancing, clapping, and screaming for the rest the super-set.
Jason Bentley was dressed as a gladiator, Anthony Gonzalez was Jason (not Bentley, but of the Friday The 13th series), and the members of Hanni El Khatib were a bunch of cowboys. As Dracula, Travis Holcombe was busy spinning “Where’s Your Head At” by Basement Jaxx one of the Moonrise Kingdom Suzy’s took that as her chance to sing the lyrics as “Where’s your HAT?” and spin her beret in the air. Nearby a another Suzy drunkenly tried to jump on top of her date, causing the two to fall into the “Where’s your hat?” Suzy. Thank goodness laughter ensued instead of broken bones.
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