The mysterious producer Nicolas Jaar might live in New York but probably goes to Brown and might possibly be working on a project with Brooklyn-based “concept-sound-image” artist Dave Harrington, but the website for his label Clown And Sunset is definitely down. A banner on the homepage explained that an “overwhelming response” to the release of Jaar’s new EP free of cost crashed Clown And Sunset’s servers. Although the EP is to be released as a limited edition vinyl record, Jaar’s two-track Don’t Break My Love EP is now available for download at Clown And Sunset’s website and Soundcloud page, as well as conveniently posted below.
NICOLAS JAAR / Don’t break my love EP by Clown & Sunset
The glitchy, stark house composition of “Don’t Break My Love” and “Why Did You Leave Me” make for a desperately lovely follow-up release of original material to his album Space Is Only Noise. His minimalist, melodic beatwork and purring bass channel James Blake, and rumor has it that Jaar too will be adding vocals to his bass music in his work with Harrington. The project, called DARKSIDE, is planning to release an EP on December 7, but maybe it’ll show up on Soundcloud before then anyway.