U.K.-based electronic trio Darkstar recently signed to Warp, and today the band is offering a free download of its bubbly, chill-wavey new single “Timeaway.” The song comes from Darkstar’s LP of the same name, to be released by Warp on November 13.
Darkstar has been participating in the grime-and-bass scene since the early 2000s but has recently decided to change its sound and production style. Timeaway was recorded in seclusion in the countryside of West Yorkshire. Of this experience, band member James Young says, “Every place warrants a story. No matter where it is, how quiet, remote or disconnected.” Their new single reflects their “Timeaway” from hectic city life.
The single will be available on 12″ vinyl featuring 10 locked-groove loops. Head here to download the track for free, and stream it below.