Last time we checked in on New York rapper Le1f he was popping bottles and collaborating with Boody for an EP of liquid-inspired tracks that stretched and tweaked the muffled dance-party template established on his Dark York mixtape. Now, Le1f is back with a new mixtape, Fly Zone, out now on Greedhead and Camp & Street, and from the first spin, it sounds like he’s made another big jump in terms of production and and lyrical ambition.
The first thing you might notice about the tracklist is that Le1f is no longer credited as a producer on any of the tracks, instead lending the controls over to a team of outside producers, with no repeats except for Drippin on single “Coins” and the Kitty Pryde-featuring “Pocahontas.” The tape also features guest spots from Haleek Maul, Spank Rock and more. Of course, the real appeal here is Le1f himself, who sounds more focused, locked-in and lyrically ferocious than ever before. The tape’s cleaned-up production means the punchlines land harder, the tongue-twisters are easier to decipher and the boasts sound even more intimidating.
You can stream the album below or download it here.