Look at that cover. Just look at it. Really, look at it. Soak up the details: The wizard in the purple cloak, the hockey player (?) delivering an uppercut to a helpless man in a red tank top, the naked woman with the pink hair and a knife for a hand, the burning car, and the alligator with gun attached to its head. Yes, an alligator with a gun attached to its head! And who is that standing in the center of this glorious pulp collage? Action Bronson, that’s who.
Yes, it’s the amazing cover to his newest mixtape, Rare Chandeliers, a full-length collaboration with famed producer the Alchemist and the follow-up to this year’s essential Blue Chips tape. But here’s the question: Does the tape live up to the eye-popping insanity of the cover? Stream or download to find out. (Hint: We’re leaning towards, yes. It is awesome.)