There is little-to-no information on the new Danny Brown album that Fool’s Gold is currently giving away on its website, apart from a Mulligrubs-style face (that’s an Australian reference for you), the name of the album (XXX) and the title of its 30 tracks (“Adderall Admiral” is quite a zinger, no?). Through a little Internet digging, it seems that the symbolism of the 30 wasn’t coincidental—the crack dealer-turned MC just turned that very age and used the free album to talk about what’s currently happening in the House (and life) Of Brown.
The Detroit rapper has a lot of fodder to go down a crack rap-style narrative, but he’s swept that aside to focus on music. As he told the Detroit Free Press, “I haven’t sold crack in … years. You know what I mean? I’m still talking about that? Nope.” Instead he talks about being horny (we tried to pull a single line out of “I Will” as an example, but all of them are pretty aptly XXX-rated) and rambles the usual hip-hop braggadocio stuff (“Ima die like a rockstar”) with enough manic swing in his voice to make every line believable. As a surprising move and to his credit, he’s also decided to give this LP away because “I don’t really feel like I have fans at this point.” Which isn’t entirely correct, but modesty in rap at this point is kind of endearing.
Listen to and download tracks individually below, or do it in one fell swoop via zip folder here.
Danny Brown “XXX” by foolsgoldrecs